Tuesday, March 23, 2010

So, I Have An Idea...

I am known for procrastination. It is not something of which I am proud. I guess one could most accurately say I have a lot of good ideas, but it is hard for me to follow through on any of them. Either that, or I will get halfway through a project and lose steam. I hate to admit it; it is pathetic. This rule does not always apply, though, when personal growth and relationships are involved--thank God. I notice new things about myself and others everyday. While I have managed to work around my procrastination--mostly by choosing things that are not long-term goals or stagnant fields, like writing and photography--I am caught in a vicious cycle of simply trying to talk myself into doing something. I hate it. Just this morning, around 8, I managed to talk myself out of doing an assignment for a class. I want to change this. I have to change this. Next time I convince myself to sleep instead of work, my future could be at stake. (Which might be a bit of a dramatic assumption, but I am making a point.) I cannot threaten my dreams. While my future is still relatively undecided--and scarier than Mordor--the little plans I do have for myself mean too much to me to be tossed off because of one rough morning.

In fact, I already have a plan in mind. I vaguely made mention of it in my previous blog post. I want to start now. I am beginning something new. The idea of recording life as it is, for myself and others, is not something I should have to wait to do. Who knows how long it will be before I am capable of traveling to Ireland or some "newsworthy" place? I cannot waste my life waiting on such a moment. Instead, I need to make those moments happen. I need to start recording now--by pen and camera. Whatever I find intriguing deserves a moment in the spotlight. This does not mean I am going to be running around with a stenographer's pad and jot down every conversation that passes through my ears. It just means, when I am out doing things, I want to make the most of it, and I want to find something special in it and share the moment with everyone. Soon, the dream of going somewhere interesting--from the homeless on the streets to the castle-inhabiting of Ireland--will not feel like such a distant goal.

Photojournalism is something I crave. Not the news photography you see. In fact, I dabbled in that and discovered I really hate it. What I want to do is editorials--I find the story and I capture it with a purpose in mind. My purpose has been stated before: I want to be moved by what I see and I want what I see to move others. I want to make an impact with the gifts God has given me. I am far from the best in anything I do, and am not so prideful that I cannot admit this. But I want to use what talents I do possess to the best of my ability. I already have an idea for an actual story and am drawing out characters and plotting now. Can you imagine it? Me: a creative writer. I never would have thought I had enough patience before, but it has been two days now and I have yet to get bored. That is a good sign... It all starts now. If I am going to title my blog "Here's To Life" then I should not just let it be an ambiguous statement that my audience finds on their own--it needs to hold meaning. I am not sure how often I will come across something to record, but from now on, I am looking rather than waiting for it to jump out at me.


  1. This is why people like you. Wisdom on wheels! WTG

  2. I've been thinking about this. (Ruh-oh.) (You did it again. LOL) I made a deal with myself long ago: if I procrastinate on one thing, I MUST do something else productive instead. If it can't be avoided, OK, I'm gonna bite the bullet this time, but after that, I'm doing what I want or else. Ie, this is a problem I have to sneak up on. If nothing else, I can see tackling the groan stuff as an energy-saving strategy too: takes more mental energy to keep it on the list, than to cross it off. Appeals to my sense of battery power. "I'm too lazy to worry about this for three more days." LOL. And because I was thinking about all this yesterday while I was putting something off, I ended up getting it done. Your fault again. Ha! =)~

  3. Ha. I'm glad I made you do something with your life. :P


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