Saturday, February 13, 2010

Real Snow

(The beginnings of the snow.)

We traveled through rain, sleet and snow to get back home--a 2-1/2 hour drive back to familiar territory. By the time I was settled in my room and being attacked, lovingly, by three huge dogs, the snow had compounded into mountainous, marshmallow mounds. I was more than thrilled when the snowflakes grew in size and increased in numbers, and I stood outside for a long time basking in my gift. The second snow of the season, and I was able to be home for both. And as the day turned into night the snow did not cease, nor did its beauty.

I never realized how much brighter the night can appear due to snow. Suddenly, the whole word is one reflective, soft blanket. Friday, my hometown received its first real snow in a long time. And I am still getting used to the idea. All this white stuff fills every corner and crevice of my neighborhood. As far as the view from my window will stretch, there is not a branch, roof or yard untouched by this Heavenly gift. Typically, if it snows here, it is a strange combination of sleet and snow, utlimately resulting in the icy decoration that makes for brutal snowball fights. Locals get excited, assuming it is all we will ever see so we must bask in the moment. However, 2010 has not only brought with it the hard stuff, but the inches upon inches of the fluffy white stuff that has been spoken of by Northerners and celebrated in music and movies across the board.

(Friday evening, changing into night.)

The night, which would generally stand as a much darker and scarier time, seemed to be lifted by the snow. The sky was a bit bluer and if one was to look hard enough, the discovery of a few stars in the sky might have been made. The view looked almost unrealistic, but that is also why I have found it to be one of the most beautiful views I have ever seen. I admit, I have not been as many places as some, but I know what beautiful is. Last night was it. While most of it has turned to ice and slush, and become a bit of a roadway hazard, I still had the best seat in the house.

(Saturday morning.)


  1. That is absolutely beautiful. I was getting kind of sick of the cold weather myself, but after reading that, I wouldn't mind getting another storm or two before spring hits.

  2. Aw, thanks! I hope you get some nice snow, too! But if you do, please be careful! I'm sure you know to be, anyway, though. ;)

  3. Winter wonderland~so magical!
    Jennifer, I accidentally deleted your comment~oops so sorry. You may want to retry again dear~ didn't even get the chance to read it oooohhh...

    Great week!

  4. :D

    Okay, I shall try once more. ;)

  5. arrrg!
    Thank you Jen,
    managed to retrieved it via Gmail!
    My brain is not working, especially on Monday! haha...
    Great new week dear!
    xo again

  6. Yay! I'm glad you were able to retrieve it. :) And cool! Thanks for the linkification, there, friend.

  7. those photos are absolutely breath taking!!! wonderful!

  8. Thank you!!! I'm glad you enjoyed them. :D

  9. Love the pictures, so pretty.



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