Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Walking the Green Mile

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It is now safe to say my second day of classes, for spring semester, has come to an end. I am exhausted. Actually, "exhausted" is an understatement. Because of my inactivity for a month, and being at home where the second hand on a clock moves at, what I have perceived to be, a normal pace, life on campus has become an alien thing. What was once habitual and almost monotonous has left me dazed. Case and point: a 19-year old college student should not have to even consider moving her bedtime to a single-digit hour of the evening. Maybe, if she is in the ROTC program or having to go to an early morning class, however, neither applies to me. And for some odd reason, today has gone by slower than any other day I can remember living. God just loves playing these little tricks on me, I suppose.

Not only am I tired, but my legs hurt from all the walking I have done around campus. And I do not just mean to go to class. Walking to class, I can handle. I am far from weak. However, my friends and I have taken to walking in circles around campus, and off-campus, in our spare time, just so we can say we were doing something between classes. My legs hate me, I just know it. I would hate me if I were my legs. Well, technically, I hate myself now for doing such a thing to my poor limbs. They did not do anything to deserve such torture. It seems time away has changed me. I thought it was just a mental state of mind, but I have discovered, physically, I have lost my youthfulness since being at home. As much as I thought I would love being back, as I wrote in my previous post, "Learning to Work, Loving the Work," all I really want to do is sleep--sleep long and sleep hard.

This semester, for me, is already looking less than hopeful. However, I cannot give up on myself when I have yet to begin! My goal for this semester--and every semester following--is to make A's in more than just English class. I must study. I must strive to be my best. And I cannot lose faith. To achieve all this, I will strengthen my legs, drink lots of caffeine, keep the volume to my music at an ear-shattering level, make lots of to-do lists and keep my eye on the prize: the A. I am already off to a decent start.

Despite my complaining about my legs--not to mention the arch of my left foot because, in my dazed confusion, I forgot to wear my Reebok shoes instead of my Converse, thus leading to no support--I have pressed forward and continued venturing with my friends despite the pain. Also, in my need to remember everything important that needs to be completed just for the beginning of this semester, I have already devised a nice to-do list for myself. I would share this to-do list, but frankly, I am in no mood to trudge across the hard flooring of my dorm to the list, and I would be in no mood to type it once I finally made it back to my bed. Instead, just imagine the most spectacular to-do list written on the most magical legal pad in all of Staples®. It contains important things to get done and some premeditated studying. All of which, I hope to complete before the week comes to a close. I truly hope this is not a prediction of what the rest of my semester will shamelessly resemble. Hopefully, once I am used to the new schedule and being on campus again, this will not seem so hard.


  1. Ohhh I remember this all too well. The first week is always the hardest. English in college was always hard for me cuz i never thought like the teacher so I had the "Other" answer meaning I got C's. hehe. I got high arches too so I've really been there with the shoes. You just gotta get back into the groove. =) I wish you the best of luck girl in the new semester!! Aww I like your new profile pic!

    P.S. Thanks for the comment the other day. I really can't thank everybody enough. *Hugs* =)

  2. Every cloud has a silver lining ;)

  3. Melanie: Thanks so much! I thought it was time for a new profile pic!! :D And yeah, I'm glad someone can relate, haha. And you're welcome. I'm glad it helped!

    Jaky: Mmhmm! :)

  4. ah good luck, I'm really glad I don't have to study anymore!


  5. You'll adapt soon enough. It's only been 2 days. Good luck with achieving those A's.

  6. Toothfairy: Haha. Eventually, that will be me, too. :D

    Nick: Yeah. Four now. I'm adjusted but still hurting and tired.

  7. There's nothing I hate more than walking 80 miles around campus everday. It means wearing comfy, not cute, shoes.. and being freezing (maybe not in your case). I run miles and miles everyday but when I'm walking around doing this and that, carrying all my crap, I get so freaking tired!

  8. Yeah, it can be ten times worse that way. I'm too south to ever really get freezing, but it was near he early-30s during the beginning of the week. :P I definitely hate carrying around my crap, too. I try to carry as little as possible. But... I still have to get some of my books, so I might be in a world of trouble later one. :O

  9. Let it flow ... this is great and your reviews are just beautiful. Funny how school is a shock when you get there but when you're not there, you miss it. LOL. Cure for that is family and you are spot on. More praise is available, but ... I'll just bookmark you instead.

  10. luv it when you get all metaphoric...or is it metaphorie?

    anyway...here's to the hope that your "time in" is time well-served this semester :-)

  11. Considering metaphorie isn't a word.... Haha...

    I hope your semester goes over well.


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