Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

Of Montreal is playing, and only I know who they are. The three of us stood outside playing near the fire while the others were inside eating the sugar-coated snacks and jumbo shrimp. It was the best celebration for the New Year I have been to, and we hardly did anything at all. It was just us, hanging out, talking, nothing special, but supremely exciting for me. I guess it does not take much at all to make me happy. Good thing?

The countdown began and of course, our host, got excited and when we were actually standing at the beginning of a new year, cheering with everyone, he was welcoming us all to 2009 and managing to squeeze the life out of me. The new year always manages to feel so important to me, but in reality it is the same as every other day and any other time that you are actually awake to see 12:00 AM of the next day come around. But wearing goofy hats, teasing one another, almost falling in the fire pit, almost burning our hands when we were setting a bottle in the smaller fire pit, and setting off fireworks that caught part of the backyard on fire must have pumped us up enough to make us go crazy when it finally came. I said nothing happened, but all of these things were dispersed throughout the entire night with great lulls in between them.

The following day was even better because I was with people who, I know, and definitely do not mind spending time with. The highlight: watching Wendy rap on Rockband. I think there is a consensus. The woman was throwing up gang signs and rapping while the others tried to hold it together and not fail during the song. They had great composure. I am not sure I would have been able to do it. To be honest, I miss December 31 and January 1 a lot. I wish I could reverse time and just stay there. And eating out with Chris, Rhonda, and the girls later was icing on the cake for me. I love going out to eat with people.

Hopefully more is to come. For now, I am at home with my cousin, and tomorrow I will be going out to eat with the rest of the family as we say good-bye to Zachary. He is got to go back to Virginia where he is stationed. I am already pumped about doing that and then church Sunday.

I feel like I am doing something; it makes me so happy.