Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping never seems to be as fun as one believes it will be before they grab their car keys and head towards the store. Today, the trip was made with my father and he hates shopping even more than I do. However, as much as I hate shopping, I sure do love the atmosphere of getting out of the house and feeling the crisp air hit me in the face as I walk up and down, scanning the stores for something worth purchasing for my dear friends. Shopping is not all about the stuff bought. Sometimes, it is about what is observed during the treasure hunt.

Whether it be window shopping or people watching, going to an outlet can bring a smile to my face. People of Wal-Mart do it everyday with their posts on the most interesting finds of one of the biggest chains in America (and possibly the world? I would not know, I never looked into the expanse of Wal-Marts before). I found myself people watching as my father and I scoped for suitable presents.

Since I have been home from school I have begun to realize exactly why Old Navy always frustrated me. While the commercials with the mannequins are enough to make me want to drive a stake through my skull, the people who shop there and the lack of quality clothes in the junior's section make it even harder to walk within fifty feet of an Old Navy. I am aware it is probably not all Old Navy stores. However, it is the closest and most convenient, thus, I am stuck with it.

While my father bought some clothes for my brother (boys are always much easier), I stood around, looking somewhat lost, but enjoying the sight of the many inbred folk who seem to have made a wrong turn. I would have taken a few pictures, however, it would have been difficult to do so inconspicuously. Believe me, readers, when I tell you I saw at least five different tube tops, six kids to every parent (most of which were on leashes--one zebra print leash, I kid you not) and a few grandparents tagging along for the trip who never seemed to grasp the concept of an "inside voice."

Why do people allow themselves to behave in such a manner? A woman stood in front of me in line screaming about her ex-husband to her "Mama Jo" while her kid was practically asphyxiating himself with her ready-to-be-purchased scarf. And though she seemed to be making logical points about how ignorant the former-anchor is, I could not stop staring at her black platforms and very pink halter top, just tight enough to show off her grotesque curves and grooves.

Luckily, my father and I got what we needed, were able to escape Old Navy, entered stores I actually enjoy, and then went for lunch. If I find I need to go do some more Christmas shopping (which is likely, as I have yet to find something for my friend Kyle), I will not be stopping by there anytime soon. Not even as a last resort.


  1. Hah! You seem like a normal person in a strange world.. or are you the strange person in their normal world? 0_0

    I went shopping yesterday too! I think it's like the saying, "It's the thought that counts" when it comes to shopping. You realize how much more some people mean to you when you're looking for something that will make them happy. You may even realize how much you know them or how much you don't. =D Shopping for other people is funnnn! (At least that's my excuse! haha)

  2. Dude I'd go shopping with your dad ANY DAY! I freakin' love that man he's HILARIOUS!!!

  3. Jennifer: I think it's strange person trapped in an even stranger world. :P Thanks for the comment! Yeah, you do have a very good point. It has taken me some time to pick out things for those closest to me... Even if I hate shopping. :P

    Ashley: Dude, I know!!!!! Hahaha! He was so ready to get out of there, it was ridiculous!

  4. Omg thank you!! Finally somone else doesn't like Old Navy!! I go in there all the time trying to find something in the juniors section & its yeah always a miss. Walmart you can always find something for little money that looks great or at least a sweater.
    Old Navy nope. The sizes are never right either. I love your comment on those mannequinns. they are creepy!!!!!!!

  5. Haha, yeah, I'm REAL glad to know I'm not the only one that does not like Old Navy. They try to advertise like they have cute stuff, but they really have nothing ESPECIALLY at winter time. :\


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