Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Brandie Danielle Davis, Murdered

I knew her. We went to middle school together. A lot of us who remember her are in mourning. We cannot believe the story. A couple of people heard she was stabbed to death in her apartment. But it is just a rumor... Apparently, she was strangled...

Now, I am sure all of you are expecting a "life is so precious" post. However, I am going to try and steer away from the usual. It is the reason I began to post this three different times and stopped myself. Oddly enough, I needed inspiration. I needed kind words to fill my heart and mind...

Really, I needed a heavy heart and mind. I am sick of cliches and prefer not to be associated with them.

It seems I have lost many peers and friends as I have grown. Most of them I knew from the time I was in middle school. It is a sad thing to have such a past with someone and it just fall away so unexpectedly. I remember when our class lost those friends... There were many rumors floating around. And I am still angry at the administration for not being upfront with us. The moment you lose a friend, you face reality with an even heavier heart, and as such, deserve to know the truth.

I remember when James Jarman died. He was a sweet boy--a boy a few of my friends hate to remember passing. The day we found out, our principal came into the classroom and told us of the horrid news. My 4th-period teacher could not stop crying. That day, rumors were flying around that he hung himself. Why such a happy boy would do such a thing in the 7th grade, I am unsure, but it was a rumor that stuck. Our principal refused to tell us anything--even his best friend.

There have been other rumors to fly around at the time of a teen's death... Chad Walker dying from being crushed by his own truck... Ashley Lane's lungs collapsing after smoking despite her asthma...

I have been hurt many times by the loss of a friend. And I just wish we all knew the truth behind it. I wish we all knew what happened and why it happened.

When I was in middle school, until about 8th-grade, Danielle and I did not get along. She was always the girl that was prettier and more popular than I. She was the preppy girl to which I felt inferior, until I finally got to know her. The very fact that I still remember her means something. If you leave a person's life and are still remembered, know you have left just enough impact. You do not have to be Superman to be someone. I feel terrible for her family and for those friends who did stay in contact.

Brandie Danielle Davis, you will be missed.


  1. Thanks, Jenna, for letting know a little about Brandie Danielle, one of your classmates from Middle School.

    It's heartbreaking to hear yet another story about a young person taken away from us by a strange and inhuman person. Another blogger asked recently what readers thought about the death penalty and I didn't respond. While it's certainly true that another's death cannot bring innocent victims back to life, it will most certainly keep the deranged criminal from hurting others and forever affecting those lives. I guess this is one of those places where Jesus and I wouldn't see eye to eye?

    I'm saddened by your loss, though, and will reflect some, and pray for people's safety and the recovery of her family from Brandie Danielle's tragic ending tonight.

  2. Yeah, Danielle touched a lot of people's hearts.

  3. According to the coroner, there was no evidence that she was raped. It's just another rumor. She was strangled to death.

  4. Dear Danielle,

    Remember in elementary school when we use to play house on the playground and have sleepover birthday parties?

    Remember when we made the drill team and had to go buy our little Keds shoes?

    Remember when we use to argue over best friends and boyfriends?

    Remember when picture day at school was a HUGE deal and we would giggle as we shared make up we snuck from our mom's bathrooms?

    Then things changed...
    from playing house on the playground,
    to fighting over boys and wearing make up

    And then time got in the way of things.. You changed schools and eventually, so did I...

    We didn't have cell phones so our friendship just faded...

    The one day we found each other on facebook and we were "friends" again...

    But still time was in the way, shoving aside our memories and taking us down our own paths.

    High school, proms, graduation, parties, college...

    And for you, the bubbly brunette I remember from drill team, that is where life had a tragic end. It was stolen from you by someone heartless. Someone who deserves no less than to die himself.

    But Danielle, you gave me, and hundreds of others, more than just memories. You have given us life in a new way. You have shown so many people what it means to truly be happy and enjoy their life, not just live it.

    Although we drifted apart over the years because of school changes, moving, and time... You have taught me not to just live my life, but to love it. Because it could all be gone in a moment and all I ever did with it was endure it....

    Thank you Danielle for being such an inspiration to me and others. Thank you for teaching us not to take something so precious for granted.

    Life is but for a moment. Cherish it, live it, love it...

    I won't see you at any class reunions, but I know I will see you in Heaven Danielle...

    You are and will be missed more than can be expressed. We love you!

    From an old friend and classmate,
    Heidi Bloodworth

  5. Heidi: You words almost broke my heart to read... They were so touching and true. It is sad when we all fall a part, and it sucks what he did, but now she is safe; now she is happy. That's all any of us would ever want for her... Or any other classmate.

  6. I had a few classes with her in high school, we didn't get along very well. Probably because she was so pretty and popular, I judged her without really knowing her. But seeing so many people mourn over her, I know it must mean she was a great person and I judged her wrongly.

  7. I remember in middle school she and I just did not get along. She just seemed a bit mean, which I don't even care about that sort of stuff anymore--everyone is older and she is gone. But she really was a sweet girl sometimes and the older we got the sweeter she got. It really was a bit upsetting.


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