Saturday, November 21, 2009

National Survivers of Suicide Day

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Today is National Survivors of Suicide Day. I know I have lost a couple in the past...

But you know what? I know lots of people that thanks to just the love of friends and family overcame their desire... their temptation to just rid themselves of all pain altogether. I know the feeling of depression, but I still, with forked tongue spit on the idea of suicide. It is a selfish desire... I have been the victim of friends who decided the world was better off without them. They forgot one important thing: those that stood by them through everything.
The ones they could call at 3AM and even if the person was mad for a moment, they would quickly get over it the minute they realized the caller needed their compassion for the night.
The ones that always made sure they knew they were loved even if they're depression would bring them down.
The family that loved them and saw the good in them when they felt they had none.

You're leaving them in the back of your mind and only thinking of your momentary pain when you do away with your life... You forget they love you.
Someone always loves you.

If I know you, know that I love you very much and I if I didn't love you, I definitely wouldn't put up with you! We're all human... We can't just give up on each other when we're just at fault as our neighbors for one reason or another...

A girl commented earlier and said, "I've heard the selfishness argument applied both ways," and to that I responded:
"Well, of course it's going to be used both ways... They don't believe life is worth living anymore so they want to take matters into their own hands... But I can honestly say that some of those people have just given up trying to make things better anyway... I'm not talking about the people that are truly alone... You know, no friends, mean family, that sort of thing... I mean the people who have boyfriends, girlfriends, nice family, and a few good friends, and still hate life no matter what... There are instances where some people have absolutely nothing going for them, but there is always an alternative out..."

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