Friday, October 16, 2009

Fall in Full Bloom

I have missed home. I have even missed the colors of fall. I do not get the pleasure of witnessing it for myself back at school--nor do I the glorious cold weather. I miss it so much. Here are a few shots of my favorite shots from today:

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  1. All three pictures are amazing. I love the detail!

    Up here, we kinda skipped fall and went to winter. It was snowing here the other day and didn't stop until the day after. We have some nice coloring though. I just can't wait for spring to come again.

  2. That stinks. I love both fall and winter. Of course, it has gotten close to freezing here either way... I like spring, but only if it has a nice breeze, you know?

  3. The first photo is of unripe pokeberries, which will turn a deep purple when fully ripe. They are highly poisonous, however make a beautiful ink when crushed and sieved. It is also the ink used in the Constitution of the United States.

    Beautiful photos.

  4. Re Pokeberry ID, this is what they appear to be at quick glance. Hope that is what they are b/c they are very pretty.

  5. Thanks so much! Yeah, they were some random weeds/plants growing in my back yard. Died since winter struck, though...


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