Thursday, August 20, 2009


My first day as a college freshman was a roller coaster, to say in the least. When I thought my parents were going to leave, I started crying. Then, my father started crying. There is nothing worse than seeing my large father break down. Him seeing me scared and unsure made him feel as though he was practically abandoning his baby girl, but he knew we both needed to part eventually. Honestly, the minute that they left, I started to feel better.

I had to move on because they were gone and they could not stay in that dorm with me forever. Although I still sometimes wish they could have.

I have become even more independent than I already was since I've been here. Sure, with friends, it is nice to play tag-along or have a tag-along, and I have always felt that way. But my tendency to be on my own and be fine has increased just a little bit more since I have been here.

I wonder where I will be four years from now?


  1. Are you close to home? Close enough to visit your parents from time to time?

    I've still got two years to college and I'm already nervous. I want to go far away though. It's been hell (excuse the language. I can revise this if you want. Just email me) here recently and I can't wait to be on my own. Anyway, good luck and have fun!

  2. i'm about three hours away, so i can come home once in awhile.
    which i fully intend on doing.

  3. It's a scary thing to be out on your own at such a young age. I know! But you know you can call me and everything if you need to talk to someone. And I'll come visit you when I move back to Georgia :-D


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