Thursday, July 30, 2009

Celebrities Have Problems, Too

My friend has a bad tendency to assume that all celebrity females are sluts--whether it be Tori Spelling or just a Disney Channel star. One might think this is entertaining, however it is actually really annoying, and you'd never be able to fight her on it. She's right. That's all that matters. She even thinks that Keira Knightley's character, Elizabeth Swann, in Pirates of the Caribbean is a "skank" because of all the guys of which she has feelings. She doesn't understand the emotional conflict that Miss Swann is experiencing throughout the trilogy.

It has gotten me thinking about seeing through the eyes of the media. What do we really know? Until people are bombarded over and over again about the same rumors and are forced to prove or disprove the theories floating around, we never actually know what is true or tabloid.

People seem to forget that "stars" are real people with real feelings and real lives outside of the red carpet, cameras and glamour. Of course, there are those that have gotten themselves caught up in the sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll of it all. But we all know that it is not all of them. I joke that one day my friend will meet Miley Cyrus, realize she is a cool kid to hang with and have to change her mind.

It seems that people like to look at the mistakes in love and life that celebrities make and then pass judgment on them. The reality: they all make the same mistakes everyone makes but they unfortunately have it publicized for the world to see. At least we "normies" have the ease in keeping it secret or confiding in a friend about whatever it is we have done with the risk of it only slipping to a relatively few people. This same friend throwing around the word "slut" so carelessly has caught herself in several love situations and at one point found herself even slopping drunk while vacationing in Mexico--just like most young people.

Everyone expects these young stars to be role models, but they have to go through the same pains of growing like any young person before they can tell others right from wrong. Let's just stop with the name-calling and allow them room to breathe and make simple mistakes once in awhile.

I know I am not the first to say this, but it is something that needs to be said. Hopefully, my friend will recognize this the older she gets and stop judging people. Eventually everyone grows up. Yes, I can see the look on your face--I mean everyone.


  1. I agree with you, but there are some celebrities who purposely screw up because they want the attention. They know that if they do something wrong, the camera is going to be on them again. A good example is Michael Jackson. He knew the attention he would get when he bleached his skin. He knew the trouble he would get in when he hung his child over a railing. The point is that these people abuse their fame. They have feelings but are also actors. Although they may seem hurt that they're being portrayed in a negative manner, inside they're thoroughly enjoying all of this attention.

  2. Well of course he knew! But I'm speaking specifically of those who don't.

    When my friend calls them sluts she does just because she can. She never has a real reason for it. I hate that.

  3. I really try not to pay much attention to what's reported about celebrities' personal lives. We love them for their ability to be believable in roles - besides, I can't imagine that they appreciate being under the microscope. We're all predisposed to disappoint at some level.

    Good post - I like it when you take up for the somewhat defenseless!

  4. Not all female celebrities are sluts and yes, celebrities are humans too. Imagine them having all the fame and money and glamor... yet they are still humans, with problems and with emotions too! There are great topics like this one on and donate 30% to charity just by listening. Check them out!


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