Saturday, June 6, 2009

Outreach Show

Tonight was an Outreach Event at church. The pastor, Chuck, uses this time to invite new people to come meet members and enjoy a nice day outside. In the ampitheatre, a barbecue dinner was prepared and laid out, and the band played country music spanning from Johnny Cash to Conway Twitty.

I always enjoy events hosted by my church. Our worship band is full of talented musicians, and as ridiculous as some of the pieces chosen were--some less ridiculous than others--we all had a good time joking around with friends. One guy even had a cooler with some grass and a fake snake inside that was rigged to look as though it was popping out at whoever opened the box. Many people spent time tricking one another to open the cooler and all but a couple were startled by the rubber creature.

Despite having to leave early because my father was getting restless, it was a good night. I am going to miss it when I am gone. I hope I can come home and see these people more than some.


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