Friday, June 19, 2009

Family Fun

If there is one thing I love about being with Melody's family it is that they are not Melody's family, they are my family. Whenever I am with them, I have a good time. I hope everyone has at least one to call a best friend. Even if you do not find a "true love," love for a best friend is just as vital. If you can, find a best friend with amazing parents. If the Boggs did not treat me as their own, I probably would not have gotten as close as I have to Melody.

After spending time with some of my closest friends, I returned to Melody's house only to go on an impromptu shopping trip with her family. I never mind, though. Mom had a rough day at work and was a little cranky. Dad helped her crack open a bottle of wine, and she loosened up enough to have one of her infamous political rants as she watched the news with all of us before leaving. Her mixture of color and actual insight make for what would seem the perfect skit for either Saturday Night Live or Mad TV.

The open-container laws in Georgia mean nothing to Mom either. She took her glass of wine with her on the open road--Dad drove, thank God. First stop: Pizza Hut for supper. While Melody and I, the actual recent graduates, have gotten over some of the less-appealing aspects of this year and graduation, just like any devoted parents, Melvin and Debbie have not. Anything that should not have been said, especially above a whisper, was said, and at many times at inappropriate "outside-voice" decibels. However, their commentary is what helps us heal. It reminds us that these bumps in the road are, by no means, the end of the world. Time heals all but humor is the Neosporin--with a cooling-sensation--to any burn.

The rest of the night, we spent in vain, as we made our way from Target with what seemed a good router purchase, only to spend close to four hours trying to network her Mac to her computer through their wired connection. I even asked my friend, Tom, for a little tech-support, but even he with his vast knowledge could not help. Dad was of little help as he tried to make sure our tiny brains could actually understand the straightforward wiring. Tom thinks it is the router. I think that the Boggs need just to get themselves a nifty wireless connection. This is more trouble than it is worth. We plan on trying again in the morning.

It is now 1:39 AM, and I have borrowed pajamas from my friend and am now spending the night, again unplanned. I have been doing that a lot lately. At least I am not wasting away in the confines of my room this summer. I always regretted doing that during my middle school years.


  1. really enjoyed your blog 'family fun'. keep it up the goof work. happy blogging.

  2. Well, thank you, Beth! Thanks for reading! I hope you continue to!


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