Thursday, June 25, 2009

China and Other Travels I Envy

(It's a pen that Ellen bought in China for me. She said it reminded her of Junior from Yu-Yu Hakusho. If only he had a pacifier...)

While China made headlines in America, my friends, Ellen, Katie, and Laura Leigh, made some smaller headlines in China with the Spivey Hall Tour Choir.

Ellen told us stories today about the haggling made in markets full of designer clothing and accessories, the food with the animal heads still on the plates, the temples that Disney's Mulan did not distort, and the Great Wall with its many stairs. It all sounded dramatic and fun.

Envy may be one of the Seven Deadly Sins, but I am definitely feeling envious of her recent travels. One day, dear followers and fellow bloggers, you will see me posting about my own travels in between my other entries. I want to see the world and I am going to make it happen. And no offense to the Chinese, but I have always been more enthusiastic about a trip to Japan than I have been about a trip to China. I do eventually want to see the Great Wall of China, though.

But until then, I am daydreaming and avidly reading some of my most favorite blogs--particularly Ryan Runs Europe and Beat Below the Street. Maybe I could do something that gets me out and about for the summer. It would be nice to learn a few things. After all, I have until August 12 before I have to move in my dorm for school. Too bad my adventurous spirit will have to wait.

It is raining off and on, but it is at least soothing my rather cranky mood. I have been with friends a lot this past couple of weeks, and being home is a nice treat, for once. I really do not want to do anything else this weekend. Good thing I am stuck indoors.


  1. Envy isn't so bad; it can be a motivating force. Or it can just make you mad.

  2. altadenakiker: This is true. I think in this case, it is the former instead of the latter. Thankfully...


  3. Travelling is great. You'll get there. It's nice to stay inside every now and again.

  4. Gently Spoken: Yeah, I am actually keeping my weekend free so I can relax at home. I've been doing a lot of hanging out since the summer started.


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