Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day

Thanks to a meager two hours of sleep, I still cannot line both of my eyes, causing me to put too much sugar in my coffee, which in turn has not only made me feel a little queasy but restless. Sure, it was only one too many spoonfuls, but it was enough for my body to notice, and my taste buds to curdle upon contact with the steaming liquid flowing from my mug this morning. It is possible that, because of all these drawbacks, I have been rendered an emotional wreck. And those that know me are probably saying, under their breath, with forked tongue, how unusual this is for me, but I actually have been moderately inward about my emotions. Despite my usual inability to understand whether wearing your heart on our sleeve is admirable or if being numb is better for everyone involved, I believe that, given the circumstance, hormones had almost nothing to do with how I feel this time.

Today, I went to church with Katie and although I know the church pretty well, it is always weird for me to visit other churches, all the while knowing that my home is in the opposite direction. No matter the companion, I am always wishing I was at my own church than somewhere else. However the pastor at this church played an interesting clip before the worship was over and his sermon began. It was in dedication to the upcoming holiday: Memorial Day.

Fading in and out of images and people, the words, "One day..." stretched across the projected screen, and people began speaking on the idea that, for one day, they were going to set aside any silly complaints they have about their work, traffic, and neighbors, and devote their time to realizing all that soldiers--fallen and survived--have done for America and her people. They are planning, for at least one day, to move past petty differences and reflect on how much God has blessed this great nation. When I saw the video, I had to hold back real tears. Either the video was just that touching that it pierced my soft heart, or I was extremely exhausted and willing to fall, hook, line, and sinker, for anyone's emotionally manipulative material today. Regardless, it spoke to me.

God has blessed America! We have the freedom to believe whatever we want to believe. We have the freedom to do whatever we want to do. We have the freedom to live our dreams. We have the freedom to be ourselves. Here in America, we are free. There are debates that always spur from such declarative statements, but sticking to the idealism of the video, I am pushing all cynicism that I have been taught aside and actually am planning on taking time tomorrow to reflect and thank God for what I have had in the past, what I have now, and what I can have in the future.

Tomorrow is Memorial Day, and we all know or have known people that have fought for our country. It is their day tomorrow. Show them you care.

To all my soldiers, past soldiers, future soldiers, and fallen soldiers, I thank you for all you have done. I have a future because you were willing to do more for me and the ones you love. My prayers go out to you all.

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