Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Auntie Em!

After dinner, I made myself comfortable on the couch and proceeded to watch some television. At an awkward break in Andy Griffith a commercial came on--some infomercial for yet another innovative hair clip. Suddenly, a red emergency screen came up alerting everyone to turn to channel 3 for more information on some severe weather hitting the area. I was actually a little aggravated; I wanted to watch the rest of that commercial. (First and last time you will probably ever hear me say that.)

Those that know me know I love the movie Twister. I would give anything to capture a tornado on camera to add to my collection. And thanks to Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton the idea of being a tornado chaser seems exciting! Of course, there is one tiny problem: I am way too chicken. When the hail hit our house, it was in large numbers, like an army coming through our roof. The sky turned "puke" green and the wind almost broke one of our trees in half. You could not hear anything in the house once the power was kicked off. It was as though I was sitting in the cone of silence, and I could not take it. I went to the closet we have under the stairs and sat there with my brother. Back against the wall, with my head on my knees, I rested with my eyes closed and ears covered, finding my center. I did not want to hear anything, but I could not bear the silence that was not under my control.

The thunder grew louder, the lightning was more prominent, and when the hail finally stopped, I uncovered my ears to hear something far off in the distance that sounded like a dark howl. The sky returned blue. I am not positive that there was a tornado, but whatever flew by my "hood," luckily only side-swiped us.

I am just hoping the rest of my friends and family was safe on such a treacherous night.

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