Friday, December 12, 2008

The Babysitter's Club 2.0

I walk into this old familiar house and see her, that "bouncing bundle of joy," standing at three years old, named Abby. The girl wanted to tell me everything and show me everything. It was comforting to know she wasn't one of those kids that would kick and scream like a little Who during Christmas in Whoville playing with her toys and making tons of noise. She was so outgoing and so outspoken, it almost made me feel more pathetic for how typically quiet I am. If she keeps up the outgoing nature, she'll have a nice life ahead of her.

That is, if she drops her somewhat schizophrenic nature. I'm slightly exaggerating, but only slightly. The first thing Abby wanted to do when her parents walked out the door was play the "pirate game" - a game of which I have never played. She took my hand into her room and told me I was the princess and she was the evil pirate. The only catch was, there was only two of us, and a game with only two characters is no fun. Without warning, she throws my pretend-mother into the game and decides that she should play her as well.

I am not kidding...

In between each outlandish "arg!" there was a sudden pause and a, "Honey..." Followed by a gentle hug... It was a little strange. I really didn't know what to do. I just sat there like possibly the most boring play-mate/babysitter on the planet.

I was confused, though. Here is this pirate with Keith Richards and Captain Hook moves that suddenly switches over into this maternal figure like she's Sybil. I let her mother know, but only because she and I have known each other for a long time, so we can joke around about it.

I got thirty bucks for those three-four hours, so I am definitely not complaining. It was a nice night...

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