Friday, September 12, 2014

FYI, blogging from an iPhone

Have you ever written almost 2,000 words in a fanfiction you've been working on, and then later--in that same day--have your computer completely fry on you?

Well, it happened to me. And I'm not sure why.

Looking at getting a new computer. I know I owe y'all posts, but you deserve to know why I may not be able to get to it right away.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Have you ever wondered how you could be so lucky?

Some days are just bad days, but bad days do not make for bad weeks. Today was a bad day, for both me and the one currently snoozing hard in the bedroom several feet from me. In different ways, for different reasons--even while apart--we managed to have bad days or just bad moments in our day overall. While I was beyond happy to come home and have my day off tomorrow, when I came home I could not have predicted that the one waiting for me had a horrible day and needed more comfort than me.

Which is why I'm lucky. Because we have each other when the going gets tough, and to remind each other that when you wake up the next day it'll be a fresh start. Best of all, he'll be there when I wake up tomorrow, too. I just hope I'm some sort of comfort to that snoring man when he wakes.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

PAX Prime 2014: a Gathering of Nerds

Seattle is an interesting city. Hop on the 545 and ride it straight over Puget Sound and you're in for a city that's large, tall and full of interesting characters. Even more interesting is how many hipsters in denim actually exist here. (And I say that knowing full well I own two denim shirts, but that's beside the point.)

This past weekend Seattle hosted something even bigger: PAX Prime. PAX is a gathering of nerds: gaming card games to tabletops to video games. Gaming cover bands come to perform. Famous, professional players come to meet their fans and like-minded gamers. League of Legends members compete for the big titles. Gaming companies--big-time and indie--showcase their big titles coming soon. Fans from all around come to gawk, cosplay and participate.

Usually, convention ticket prices are too rich for my blood (and by that, I mean, I was always too poor to even afford a good DragonCon ticket), but PAX came at the right time and we managed to snag passes this past weekend so that I could go Saturday, the husband and I could go together Sunday and he could go Monday (today) while I worked. It was an amazing time, and I went wearing my Animal Crossing swag both days. We definitely did a ton that I didn't photograph, but the first day I just enjoyed the convention and the second day I bought merch and tried to take pictures when I thought of it.


A booth that sold tons of old game discs and cartridges going as far back as the NES. I also managed to get two figurine sets for Animal Crossing here.

I bought this AMAZING Joker wallet from The Killing Joke at a booth near the tabletop games, and I am so happy. I was just saying I needed a new, smaller wallet. 

One round of the League of Legends final spots for the world tournament.

This was an awesome, very in-character, Iron Man, and I considered running away with him. By the way, I can't stop laughing at how huge my hips look here. 

My Portal tank top! 

An awesome Isabelle (from "Animal Crossing: New Leaf") cosplayer, who was a sweetheart. 

Riot's League of Legends character Annie with Tibbers her teddy bear.

Yeah, it was fun!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Choices: Surface Pro 3?


So, let's disregard the source of this photo being some review site, and actually look at how fancy and pretty this laptop+tablet, the Surface Pro 3, looks.

Have you test-run/owned one yet? I'm looking to play around with one, because I want a new laptop, and this is looking like the best option for me. It's got everything that I love/revere functionally about Macbook Air, with a design I love and Windows on it.

I do not hate Apple, and I'm not a Windows-purist--I love my iTunes, iPhone and iPod. And my husband's iPad is great. (Wow, we sound so privileged. Let's be real, if you're reading this, you are, too.) But I do love Windows. And the more that I'm exposed to Windows 8 with my work laptop, the more I have found that I'm not afraid of it, and understand it better. (I knew it'd just take some time. Even Millennials can be technological grouches, too. Have you seen the way we act when Facebook changes?)

So, what is your opinion? I need help.

Always Wandering

With all the stress that can come with work and the inability to take time to cook and clean as often as I would like, taking time during an off day to just make a nice breakfast and then take a walk down a trail enjoying the outdoors. It's actually been awhile since I have wandered as I did. I made it down a new part of a trail I had yet to explore, and then circled through downtown. It was a nice, breezy walk. Although, my pale skin did get a bit sunburned.

This weekend I will be spending time at PAX Prime with friends and coworkers, and I cannot wait. The only downside is that DragonCon is in Atlanta, and many of my friends will be there, but at least we're all getting to have some nerdy fun. It's like being together, without really being there.